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Confused? Lets our quick FAQs answer your queries!

Q.1 Why should I get my dissertation consultation from you?

We are a company having extensive experience in dissertation writing help. Due to this info we have completed the learning curve in our business. You can rely on our expertise in wide range of completing dissertations. With us, you stand a better chance of finding the expert writer in your field of study than any other place. Also we guarantee the original work.

Q.2. What is the difference between a thesis and a dissertation?

Overall each university or tertiary institution tends to develop and define their own criteria and schemes for the preparation and submission of theses and dissertations. Basically, the difference is substantial in extent, and level of commitment and depth of the research, being higher in the thesis. From our perspective, the thesis does not constitute a literary genre, so the writing style should dominate a trend toward precision and conciseness. It seems an absurdity conducting thesis that exceeds 200 pages. If you did a real investigation, following a specific methodology, such an extension is justified only when a transversal approach, where different periods of time more or less extensive compared is used.

Q.2 Will I get the Dissertation / Thesis / Assignment in the format I request for?

Yes. We will develop the work in compliance With the Requested format with no deviations.

Q.3 Can I ask for a review in my work?

Yes. You can ask for review in your work. However, It should not change the scope of the original work.

Q.4 Will I get status updates on my work?

You can be in touch with your writer directly through email. Else, you can send email with your order code to know the status of your project.

Q.5 I want to get work done to research from Dissertation Globe. How should I proceed?

You send in the Following details to us through email (

  • Your research specifications of the work including the topic, some introduction.
  • In case you have completed the proposal, Please attach the same along with your mail.
  • The timeline in which the work has to be completed.
  • The expected length of your end document. You specify the same in no. of words or not. Of pages. 1 page is approximately 250 words.
  • Your University / Institution guidelines.
  • Any specific remarks.

Q.6 I just sent an email or filled up the inquiry form. How soon can I expect a reply?

We have 24/7 online chat available. If for any reason our agent is not available online, we would normally reply back on email latest within 8-10 hours however it within 24 hours. Enquiry forms are replied on priority.

Q.7 I do not want to disclose my identity. How should I approach Dissertation Globe?

We will need your identity details before we proceed for the work. However, all information is kept 100% confidential and is not shared with anyone under any circumstances. Also, we provide consulting services for your research work. You should not submit our work as your own work. We are like mentors for your dissertation.

Q.8 How will the process work eleven I make the payment?

After the payment is done, you need to place fill up order form if not a done. You will receive payment confirmation email and also an email from Dissertation Globe about the status of your order. Their emails will have all necessary information on how to proceed further.

Q.9 Will I get my work completed on time?

Yes, Dissertation Globe has a track record of over 93% delivery Commitment kept. Only in cases beyond Human Control the delay will happen.

Q.10 We are a group of students. What are we eligible for discounts?

Dissertation Globe probably offers the cheapest price for research work completion. We do not offer any group discounts however we have discounts for individual papers.

Q.11 I want to get help on choosing topics?

Yes, we can definitely help you in choosing right and appropriate topic of your interest for your research work.

Q.12 Does Dissertation Globe offers 2:1 Dissertation (Above 70% score) guaranteed work?

Yes, we do offer guaranteed research work completion. offers professional dissertation writing/proofreading/research services for the assistance of students. We believe that proper referencing and citation must be provided with the papers. We only offer model papers that the students can use for reference purposes only, and are not to be submitted. For more details, contact us.